The Journal of Headache and Pain
2024 Apr 26;25(1):68. doi: 10.1186/s10194-024-01770-x.

Phuong Thao TranMaryse Lapeyre-MestreBaricault BerangereMichel Lanteri-MinetAurore PalmaroAnne DonnetJoëlle Micallef 


Background: Several studies have focused on the use of triptan and the risk of acute vascular events but the existence of such association is still debated and has never been quantified in patients over 65 years. To assess whether triptan use among older is associated with an increased risk of hospitalization for acute vascular events.

Methods: A propensity score-matched cohort study was designed using the French national health insurance database linked to hospital stays. Patients aged ≥ 65 years, newly treated by triptans between 2011 and 2014, were included… The primary event was hospitalization for an acute ischemic vascular event within de 90 days following triptan initiation. Association with triptan exposure was investigated through cox regression model, considering exposure at inclusion, and with exposure as a time-varying variable A case-crossover (CCO) and a self-controlled case series (SCCS) analyses were also conducted to address potential residual confounding.

Results: The cohort included 24, 774 triptan users and 99 096 propensity matched controls (mean (SD) age: 71 years (5.9), 74% of women). Within 90 days after cohort entry, 163 events were observed in the triptan group, and 523 in the control group (0.66% vs. 0.53%, adjusted hazard ratio (aHR) exposed/not exposed 1.25 95%CI [1.05-1.49]; aHR time-varying 8.74 [5.21-14.66]). The association was significant (CCO) for all events (adjusted odds ratio (aOR1.63 [1.22-2.19]) with a more consistent association with cerebral events (aOR 2.14 [1.26-3.63]). The relative incidence (RI) for all events was 2.13 [1.76-2.58] in the SCCS, for cardiac (RI: 1.67 [1.23-2.27]) and for cerebral events (RI: 3.20, [2.30-4.45]).

Conclusion: The incidence of acute vascular events was low among triptan users. We found that triptan use among older may be associated with a low increased risk for acute vascular events, which may be more marked for cerebral events such as stroke, than for cardiac events.

Keywords: Elderly; Myocardial infarction; Stroke; Triptan.


Triptan use in elderly over 65 years and the risk of hospitalization for serious vascular events