Treatment of Chronic Refractory Pain by Combined Deep Brain Stimulation of the Anterior Cingulum and Sensory Thalamus (EMOPAIN Study): Rationale and Protocol of a Feasibility and Safety Study

Brain sciences 2022 Aug 23;12(9):1116. Aurélie Leplus, Michel Lanteri-Minet, Anne Donnet, Nelly Darmon, Jean Regis, Denys Fontaine Abstract Background: Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) of the sensory thalamus has been proposed for 40 years to treat medically refractory neuropathic pain, but its efficacy remains partial and

Burden and attitude to resistant and refractory migraine: a survey from the European Headache Federation with the endorsement of the European Migraine & Headache Alliance

The Journal of Headache and Pain 2021 May 18;22(1):39. doi: 10.1186/s10194-021-01252-4. Simona Sacco, Christian Lampl, Antoinette Maassen van den Brink, Valeria Caponnetto, Mark Braschinsky, Anne Ducros, Patrick Little, Patricia Pozo-Rosich, Uwe Reuter, Elena Ruiz de la Torre, Margarita Sanchez Del