The consortium brings together the complementary and synergistic skills necessary to achieve the objectives set.

  • defining and characterizing patients suffering from refractory chronic pain.
  • understanding the mechanisms and factors favoring resistance to treatment.
  • developing and disseminating new pain assessment tools , new drugs and new neuromodulation solutions.
  • improving the management and teaching of refractory chronic pain.

Currently, INOVPAIN is the only FHU on the theme of pain.

The FHU organization of the INOVPAIN group offers the unique opportunity to bring together these teams of experts, whether in clinical practice in the management of refractory chronic pain, in research on ion channels, the processes of transmission of pain, modeling or psychology.

All collaborate around a common objective: to develop innovative solutions in the field of refractory chronic pain, with new assessment tools, new pharmacological therapies and new surgical treatments for neuromodulation.