Coordinator : P Paquis
The INOVPAIN clinicians and researchers are already deeply involved in education programs concerning pain basic science and care. They also coordinate the dedicated regional programs. Our ambition is to increase our involvement in national and international education programs on Pain and Innovation.

Task 1: National Education Programs (P Paquis)

We closely participate in process and discussions about the elaboration of the teaching program of the future transversal specialized training (“Formation Spécialisée Transversale”) dedicated to pain management.

Moreover we develop an interdisciplinary training track dedicated to rCP and innovative solutions. We propose this training track to be integrated into several regional and national education programs.

The goal is to bridge the gap between clinical and basic teaching and give to future pain practitioners a high level of knowledge and culture of  translational research.

More specifically, INOVPAIN is a great opportunity to enhance scientific level of young clinicians, especially those whose ambition is to engage in a university career (HU). Basic researchers are also invited to attend clinical staff meetings to get sensitized to clinically oriented questions and optimize mutual interactions.

In collaboration with patient’s associations (AFVD) and scientific societies (SFETD, INS, SFEMC), we develop a patient’s education program dedicated to neuromodulation for rCP patients.

Task 2: International education programs (D Fontaine)

In parallel, we develop international undergraduate pain education programs for medical and scientific students.

Task 3: Public awareness

We want to take part of several events (wide audience conferences, web information) aiming a large public information about chronic pain in general, and more specifically about rCP, neuropathic pain, migraine, CCH and neuromodulation.

Moreover, open days dedicated to public information on pain with seminars and lab tours are organized every year in harmony with the IASP “Global Year Against Pain” initiative, in collaboration with patient associations.