Coordinator : Dr Stéphane Litrico

This WP will focus on the development of new technologies and new connected to improve the evaluation and management of rCP patients that will be used by other WP (see WP1, WP3 and WP4).

Task 1: Connected database and software (O Clement, M Lanteri-Minet)

The aim of this task will be to coordinate the development of a software, designed by Serviligne in collaboration with clinical teams, and compatible with PC, smartphones and tablets.

Task 2: Objective evaluation of rCP functioning (JP Merlet, S Litrico)

Task2 develops connected tools to evaluate objectively the global functioning of a subpopulation of rCP patients, namely volunteers patients suffering from chronic back pain and radicular neuropathic pain (the so-called “failed back surgery syndrome” or FBSS).

Task 3: Objective evaluation of treatment adherence (Serviligne, M Lanteri-Minet)

The aim of Task 3 is to study the medical treatment adherence, non invasively and as objectively as possible, in a subpopulation of rCP patients.

Task 4: e-Health. (A Donnet)

Task 4 objective is to develop “e-Health” solutions in rCDH patients, namely healthcare practice supported by remote consultations, connected tools (for vitals monitoring and auto-questionnaire evaluation), electronic processes and secure communications.