Coordinator: Eric Lingueglia.

The discovery of new drug targets represents a real opportunity for developing new pharmacological strategies against pain. Among the molecular targets identified in recent years, ion channels play an important role since they are directly involved in the detection, the transmission and the integration of noxious stimuli by sensory fibers of the peripheral nervous system and by neurons of the spinal cord and the brain.

The general strategy here is :

  • to better characterized emerging ion channels in pain both in vitro and in vivo in experimental models relevant to chronic pain encountered in patients
  • to identify drugs of interest for chronic pain (peptides or small molecules) with novel mechanisms of action including modulation of these channels and to test them in humans,
  • to optimize the delivery and therefore the efficacy of already available drugs like fentanyl with intelligent devices in interaction with WP5,
  • to use innovative approaches for testing in patients, in interaction with WP1, the relationships between ion channels and rCP, identifying new pharmacological targets  and validating the ion channel modulators discovered in human neurons.


Task 1- Preclinical studies (E Lingueglia, F Lesage)

Task 1 aims to : 

  • Study basic properties and functional role of novel molecular targets in pain.
  • Screen for new ion channel modulators of potential therapeutic benefits in pain.
  • Study mechanism of action of an analgesic peptide

Task 2- Clinical studies (M Lanteri-Minet, E Lingueglia)

This task aims the following items :

  • Efficacy of analgesic peptide in rCP indications
  • Feasibility/efficacy studies with connected compound transdermal patch
  • Non-selective blocker of ASICs in migraine
  • Ion Channels Modulators

Task 3- Translational studies (F Lesage, M Lanteri-Minet)

This third task focuses on :

  • Ion channels auto-antibodies and pain
  • Functional and molecular properties of ion channels in human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neurons